New Salesforce Implementations

When delivering new Salesforce implementations, we focus on the key to CRM success: user adoption. 


We focus on understanding our clients’ operations so that the instance of Salesforce that we design is a tool that enhances, rather than impedes, a user’s ability to do his or her job. 


We also arm executive stakeholders with the carrots and sticks required to shape user behavior, based on our direct experience working for the savviest user of the platform, itself.


And at the end of every project we provide hands-on-the-keyboard training that gives users the ability to leverage Salesforce as part of their day-to-day lives, helping to increase productivity from day 1.


By aligning these adoption strategies with an intimate understanding our clients’ KPIs, we also ensure the accurate and consistent capture of necessary data in real time across the entire organization. This creates a 360 degree view of the business that executives can use to make decisions about where to take the company next, and how to get there.


Salesforce Improvements & Overhauls

Companies are always evolving, and require expert advice on how they can support and drive growth using the Salesforce platform.


What may have worked when Salesforce was originally set up may not fit your company’s model today. Or perhaps Salesforce wasn’t initially configured to scale with your organization.


Regardless of the reason, clouDNA will work with you to create a roadmap for implementing changes to your platform.  We’ll map out your processes with you, create recommended solutions to introduce efficiencies and solve current issues, and roll them out in a predictable manner based on your priorities and architectural best practices.


Managed Services

The clouDNA AdminAssistTM program provides cost-effective access to a team of certified North American Salesforce experts, offering our clients the knowledge and tools they need to get the most out of Salesforce.


Let your team do what they do best and leave Salesforce administration to us.


From building reports and dashboards, configuration of workflow rules and triggers to ongoing user training, we can tailor a plan based on your needs and help you maximize your use of Salesforce.

Custom Development

clouDNA also creates custom solutions to extend the Salesforce platform beyond what it offers out of the box. These can be applications aimed at departments such as HR or Finance, the introduction of new functionality that picks up where sales leaves off, such as Project management, or custom integrations with other applications such as Quickbooks.


We know that all the areas of your business can play an integral role in the customer life-cycle. We’ll customize Salesforce so that its standard functionality doesn’t leave parts of your business on the outside looking in, and in doing so we’ll make Salesforce the platform that supports and drives the success of your business.